I have had music lessons since I was seven, so Charisma Music was far from my first music school. But it has been my most recent school, and for me it is the one that made sense of it all. It isn’t that I can put my finger on any one things, it’s just that it seems to fit together more that it previously did. At the same time it is not a ridged structure. I’ve gone from playing what somebody else has written to being able to use a language fluently. I feel there is so much I can say if I keep on progressing.
Alec BurnhartNew South Wales
My daughter says that just going to this music school feel like an achievement. Charisma music is not for novices or hobby musicians; it has professional performers with serious credentials who know what a career in music is about. These people teach more than just the notes on the paper and how to read them. These people understand the culture that music brings and what it is to live that lifestyle. The best tuition in the world is wasted if the student isn’t motivated or isn’t understanding what it’s all about. The teachers at Charisma are professional musicians who are training the students to be their future replacements.
Marion FieldsNew South Wales

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